Premier Western Missouri Duck and Deer Farm

Price: $372,000
Acreage: 155
County: Bates
State: Missouri

Property Description

Savvy duck hunters know that for a farm to consistently attract waterfowl, several factors are necessary. A property has to be in the right location in the flyway. It has to have the right soils to hold water and grow the plants that ducks eat. It has to have a reliable source of water and the infrastructure to efficiently manage and deliver that water. And it needs to be part of a complex of wetlands that makes the entire landscape attractive to migrating flocks of greenheads and sprigs. When a property meets all of these criteria, a bit of magic happens in November and December. The Bates 155 has that magic - and more. 155 surveyed acres lie in the heart of the Osage basin flyway, tucked in along the north bank of the Osage River between the famed Four Rivers and Schell Osage Conservation Areas, two of the foremost managed wetlands in the entire Midwest. These acres are underlain primarily by Osage silty clay soils, which are renowned for their ability to hold water and grow incredible volumes of moist soil foods. The ability to grow good habitat and food is further enhanced by the Agri-Drain water control structures that have been installed to regulate water levels, as well as a constructed pump ramp that offers the owner access to all the water they need from the Osage River. And when the flight birds arrive, you’ll enjoy the comfort and concealment of three pit blinds strategically located to provide hunting opportunity for virtually any wind. But the fun to be had on this tract isn’t just about greenheads and bluewings. Those acres not taken up with wetland pools feature the type of diverse, mature bottomland timber that’s home to some magnificent whitetails. With light hunting pressure over the past several years, there are sure to be some real giants cruising the timber come November. Whether you prefer to pursue deer with bow or gun, you’ll find plenty of prime hunting locations along the numerous funnels and levees, and the rich alluvial soils provide a great opportunity to grow some top notch food plots. The Osage corridor is well known for its ability to grow large deer, and the location of this tract right along the river ensures a steady flow of rutting bucks patrolling the woods for receptive does. Words simply don’t do justice to this amazing piece of Bates County real estate. To see for yourself what a special place this is, give one of our team members a call to request a showing.

Property Features

  • 3 lakes with >35 acres of water at full pool
  • Agri-Drain water control structures offer moist soil management opportunity
  • 3 pit blinds well-situated for hunting under various winds
  • Constructed pump ramp and distribution ditch for water delivery
  • Mature diverse bottomland timber
  • Over 3,000’ of Osage River frontage
  • Situated in the heart of the Upper Osage flyway
  • Just 3 miles from Schell Osage CA, and 5.5 miles from Four Rivers CA
  • Blacktop access to property
  • Over a mile of trails

Property Address

0000 Highway M, Schell City, MO