An Exceptional 80

This property has already been sold and is not currently for sale.
Acreage: 80
County: Sullivan
State: Missouri

Property Description

Native cover, food plots, mature oak/hickory hard wood timber, advance oak regeneration, water, topography, and access are the main items we all look for in the perfect recreation farm! Now being offered is an 80 +/- acre parcel in the southeast corner of Sullivan County, Missouri that truly offers everything for the sportsmen looking for the perfect recreation tract. This farm has been intensively managed to promote the natural community that once covered the landscape of the dissected till plains of northern Missouri. This property has been managed through prescribed burning, invasive species management, and completing a 29 acre Timber Stand Improvement project prescribed through the Missouri Department of Conservation to promote the improvement of deer-turkey habitat as well as forest health for future generations. Multiple trails throughout the property lead you through the diverse habitat. Each trail allows for easy access to the food plots that have been established throughout the farm, each of which of consist of clover, turnips, and alfalfa. Reap the benefits of this all-encompassing recreation tract as the trail camera evidence provides you with proof of all the mature deer and turkey that call this farm home. This property's diversification, neighborhood, history, and make up are all attributes you do not want to pass up when considering a recreations farm. For more information and a private tour call Land Agent Joel Taylor at (816) 547-2847.

Property Features

  • Mature oak/hickory timber
  • 3 established food plots
  • Established trail system
  • Extensively managed for deer and turkey habitat
  • 29 acres of timber stand improvement completed
  • Trail camera history
  • Water sources throughout property
  • Fully fenced
  • Well marked boundary signs

Property Address

33232 Impala Dr., Winigan, MO