Diverse Lincoln County Hunting Farm with Build Site

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Price: $398,700
Acreage: 160
County: Lincoln
State: Nebraska

Property Description

This 160 acres is a waterfowl hunter's dream! The majority of the farm is native marshland, with terrific ground cover throughout. The property contains several springs that feed into several open-water ponds. These ponds rarely freeze, leaving them open to ducks and geese throughout the winter. Only a couple miles from the Platte River, this marsh area is the perfect spot for waterfowl filtering in off of the river. Aside from the larger ponds, there is water throughout a good portion of the property, leaving several hunting areas throughout. The ground cover is dense around the water and will create the perfect spots to hide a blind of any kind. The area is known for terrific waterfowl hunting, and this property has the water, and ground level feed ducks and geese will utilize all season. Aside from the quality of waterfowl hunting, the property holds a large number of white-tailed deer throughout as well. The thick ground cover creates terrific bedding for the deer before they filter out to the hay meadows surrounding the property to feed. Whether it be deer, ducks, or both that you desire, this farm has all of the right attributes for you to harvest limits of ducks and geese or a great buck. In the southwest corner of the farm, there is an ideal build site. The driveway leading off of the county road is in great shape and leads right up to the build site. Utilities are easily available, and a 30'x34' garage sits on the site already. It is a 2 car garage with the possibility of living quarters for a group of hunters in the fall and winter. The property is less than 15 miles from North Platte and has easy access to Interstate 80. With waterfowl and deer hunting opportunities and a build site in such a great location, this is a farm you don't want to miss!

Property Features

  • Several spring-fed ponds
  • Terrific waterfowl hunting
  • High deer numbers
  • 160 acres
  • 2 miles from the Platte River
  • Build site
  • Utilities
  • Garage in place
  • 14 miles from North Platte
  • 3 miles to Interstate 80

Property Address

21611 E Slant Road, Maxwell, NE