107+/- Diverse Acres in Western Cooper County

Price: $299,600
Acreage: 107
County: Cooper
State: Missouri

Price Per Acre

$2,800.00 per acre

Property Description

Looking to get your hands on some of that hard to get ground west of Pilot Grove? Better take a look at this farm that feels & hunts way bigger than its actual size. The property is located just 10 minutes west of Pilot Grove. The majority of the property sits back off the road, tucked behind neighboring farms. Access is acquired through a lane that borders the county road. Once on the property, an internal trail system allows one to drive an off road vehicle to nearly all portions of the interior. The entire perimeter of the property is fenced. The property is roughly comprised of two main ridges & two valleys/drainages. The flat ground along the ridges has recently been opened up & provides some stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The side slopes throughout the property are wooded. Most of the valley in the middle of the property is open, & gently falls eastward from the pond dam toward the neighboring property. While there is minimal ground that would qualify as income producing tillable ground, there is ample amounts that are perfect for long linear food plots. The open ground is set up nicely for rotating plots, so there's always some fallow areas next to the current year's new growth. The woods are comprised of a mix of mature trees & medium sized trees. Currently, there is not an abundance of small diameter trees, but a recent thinning was conducted that has allowed more sunlight to reach the ground. This added sunlight will increase the regeneration present, providing more browse & cover for wildlife over time. The only structure on the property is an old shed located near the pond. It’s far from new but can still be a valuable asset for storage, & providing a little rustic ambiance to the valley's scenery.

Anyone who loves to get away is going to love the privacy you feel in the central valley. Whether you're fishing from the pond dam, sitting in a tree stand, or camping by the old shed, you'll be able to take a deep breath & truly relax in this peaceful place. Similarly, some of the sites with deer stands are equally enjoyable for their scenic views as they are for the fantastic hunting they provide. Whether you're looking for a place that takes your breath away, or a spot to sit down & take a deep breath, you'll find it on this farm. To view your new favorite place to get away call Cody Smith at (573) 818-3051!

Property Features

  • A nice mix of open & wooded ground
  • Diverse topography (contains 2 ridges & 2 valleys/drainages)
  • Wonderful views from the ridges
  • 2 ponds
  • 107+/- acres
  • Internal trail to access entire property
  • Historically used primarily for hunting, with some supplemental pasture usage
  • Aging shed located in central valley below pond
  • Excellent producer of quality deer
  • 35 minutes to Sedalia
  • 40 minutes to Columbia
  • 1.75 hours to Kansas City

Property Address

0000 Millsford Dr., Pilot Grove, MO