The Feuerborn Ranch

Price: $2,340,000
Acreage: 600
County: Anderson
State: Kansas

Property Description

Midwest Land Group is honored to present The Feuerborn Ranch! The ranch is made up of 600 continuous acres in coveted Anderson County, Kansas. This multi-functional farm offers tremendous hunting, incoming producing class-two soils, stands of tall warm season grass, 26 acres of idle fields, pristine hay/pasture ground, six ponds with outstanding fishing, and lastly a beautiful homestead with multiple barns, outbuildings, and paddocks! The homestead is situated off of a low traffic blacktop road. As soon as you set foot on the front porch of the classic white farmhouse, you are surrounded with beautiful views of the farm, abundant wildlife, and a short walk to one of the barns on the property. The home has 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living quarters with full utilities. This space would be a great home or hunting retreat. Outside sits an enormous 80 x 100 open-face barn, that is joined by a grain bin, two additional working outbuildings, and a three acre paddock area surrounded by steal fencing. Right off of the farmhouse lawn, begins perfectly manicured class-two and three soils that stretch for roughly 120 acres. This tillable ground brings in yields of 100 bushel/acre corn and 40 bushel/acre soybeans. An additional 120 acres of hay/pasture ground surrounds the tillable ground that could easily be converted if you are interested in more tillable income. For the outdoorsmen, it would be an ideal area to convert to Tall Warm Season Grass for optimum cover. The remaining 380 acres is comprised of highly sought-after Anderson County recreation ground. Diversification is the perfect word to describe the draws that layout perfectly into the rolling terrain, providing ideal funnel locations. Roughly 26 acres of current idle fields could easily be turned into staging plots of your choice. Opportunities are abundant for the outdoorsman, allow these fields to continue to grow and mature, and they will provide perfect cover of thick grass, cedars and shrubby vegetation for large wildlife habitat.  Mature Oaks surround these hidden gems in the interior of the farm, ideal for hunting. The Feuerborn Ranch has access points on three sides which provides optimum ingress and digress minimizing the stress levels of the wildlife based on human intrusion. This farm includes 6 ponds that lay throughout the property each unique in their own way. Though you will find most of your time spent on the beautiful 3.5 acre pond located near the northwest corner. Here you will find some phenomenal fishing, waterfowl hunting, and a beautiful campsite setup. Perfect for entertaining and family campouts. Enjoy the woods, water, and wildlife! The Feuerborn Ranch is one of the most unique and diverse farms that will ever hit the open market, for a private tour of this exceptional ranch call Joel Taylor at 816.547.2847!

Property Features

  • Fantastic Hunting Farm
  • 6 Ponds
  • Complete working homestead and farm
80 x 100 Open Faced Metal Barn
  • 3 Acre Area of Paddocks surrounded be steal fencing
Full Utilities
  • 120 Acres currently in Tillable Production
  • 45 Acres of Tall Grass Prairie
26 Acres of Idle Fields
  • 120 Acres of Hay/pasture Ground
3.5 acre Pond with Outstanding fishing and waterfowl
Easily Navigable Interior Trail System
Multiple access points on three sides of the Farm
  • Multiple Areas to Improve for Food Plots
  • Tons of Cover and Hidden Fields
Less than 15 Minutes From Garnett, KS
  • An Hour and 15 minutes from Kansas City
  • Classic white farmhouse
  • Multiple outbuildings
  • Blacktop road access
  • Mature wildlife populations
  • Mature timber
  • Campsite setup

Property Address

31863 NW 1700 RD, Garnett, KS