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Terry DeShon’s parents returned to their native Dodge City, Kansas as soon as his father was out of the Navy. Terry was born in Oakland, California, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s from Dodge City. Terry’s mother is one of seven sisters all raised on a farm, which his grandfather took over at a young age and farmed most of his life. “I have fond memories of riding the combines and wheat trucks while my parents helped with harvest,” says Terry. “When I was in college, my grandfather had some health issues. I drove home on weekends to help work the fields. I had a full course load, a full-time job and a three-hour drive one way, but I loved getting to the farm and digging in from sunup to sundown to help out.”

Terry’s work ethic hasn’t changed over the years; however, his appreciation for land and what it means to the owner grows stronger every day. When it comes to looking out for his clients, Terry is as genuine as they come. He has a knack for listening and can recall a conversation months later when he comes across the right property for the right buyer. Terry studied to be an aeronautical engineer for four years at Wichita State University before changing his major and earning a degree in computer science an emphasis in engineering and a math minor. After a long, rewarding career in technology, a friend of Terry’s suggested he would make a great land agent. “I’m an outdoorsman at heart who grew up upland bird hunting and fishing as a boy, then got into muzzle loading and archery for deer, turkey hunting and waterfowl hunting as an adult. I remember the thrill and adventure of exploring a new piece of land. I know the excitement of owning your own land and grooming it to be the place where your friends and family gather for hunting and fishing. I know what land means to a family’s legacy,” explains Terry. He brings that passion and enthusiasm to his clients whether you’re a long-time or first-time landowner.

When Terry’s not matching the right land to the right buyer, he’s working a conservation program on his own 40 acres along the Arkansas River, serving on the Hutchinson’s Boys and Girls Club’s board, working with Pass It On Outdoors, coaching his son, Trace’s, Little League team and being Sterling’s Cub Scout Troop 369’s den leader and chairman. If you ask his wife, Melissa, she’ll tell you he spends A LOT of time with his favorite hobby, helping others. If you’re looking for a land agent in Central Kansas who can match your passion for land, really listens and understands, then connects all the dots to find your perfect land or buyer, talk to Terry today.
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