Secluded Hunting and Grazing Farm in the Chautauqua Hills

Price: $504,000
Acreage: 280
County: Chautauqua
State: Kansas

Price Per Acre

$1,800.00 per acre

Property Description

This farm is a unique, high quality piece of ground with excellent deer hunting, turkey, quail, etc. The property has been managed for quality bucks over the past several years with only three bucks being taken with light hunting pressure. Deer numbers are increasing and there should be a number of 4.5 year old bucks and older using the property over the next few years. Many of these deer looked to be 135" to 150" bucks last year as 3.5 year olds and there were a few older bucks that looked to be 150" and at least one buck that would have scored in the upper 160"s. The owner bought this property to create a high quality farm to harvest bucks at their maximum potential. The next 1 to 3 years should offer an opportunity at some very nice bucks. If properly managed, this should continue for years to come.

A large, centrally located area is cleared for a food plot each fall. This food plot is located between several bedding areas and has proven to be a good spot for rifle or bow hunting alike. There are also established crop fields within 1/4 mile to the north and 1/2 mile to the east of the property that has had virtually no hunting pressure over the past several years. The same can be said with the neighboring land on all sides. There are no public roads accessing this property, but there is a deeded, permanent easement with good access included. Basically, this property is located in the center of an excellent deer hunting area with substantial food, cover, four ponds, and very light hunting pressure. It's the perfect scenario for excellent hunting. The other great thing about this property is its seclusion and there is not much hunting pressure from the neighbors. This has allowed the deer numbers and quality to increase over the past 5 years.

The doe to buck ratio is about 3:1. There are big grain fields about 1/4 mile north, as well as 1/2 mile east. The deer feed these at night and come back and bed, and then hit the food plots on this farm in the morning, as well as the early evening. During one walk through the north half of the property, 24 does and fawns, as well as 9 bucks were counted. There are a lot of heavily used trails running through the north side. Whoever buys the property will reap the rewards of a potential to harvest a really nice buck over the next several years. It should only get better with a continued management system.

In addition to great hunting, this property also has quite a bit of quality grazing available for someone wanting a way to help pay for the land. A neighboring landowner would lease grazing rights from late April to the end of August, if the new owners wanted to make this arrangement. The cows would be moved out in time to get fall food plots established. If you want to run your own cows, there's been about 40-50 bred heifers grazing during that time period the past few years, and before that the previous leaser ran about 45 cow/calf pairs.

The views on this property have to be some of the best in southeast Kansas. They are truly unbelievable. It also offers a nice building spot for a hunting cabin or your dream home, within reasonable access to rural water and electric. Owner's mineral rights will transfer as well. There's even an area where you could easily add a 5+ acre lake.

You'll want to come and look at this unique farm soon, the photos only begin to tell the story. Once you are on the property, you'll be very impressed. The way it's set up makes it feel like 500 acres rather than 280 and at this price, it won't last too long.

Property Features

  • Secluded, 1/4 mile off of the county road behind 2 locked gates with no road frontage
  • Strict QDM program put in place over last 5 years to improve all aspects of wildlife
  • Food plots and mineral stations established
  • Years of proven deer photos show growth and improvement of deer quality
  • Grazing potential gives return on investment and is good for controlling overgrowth
  • 4 ponds on the property with terrain potential for a larger, deeper lake with a little work
  • Recorded easement for access from the east
  • Rural water line is 250 yards from the property along the easement road
  • Rolling terrain offers amazing views, along with scouting points
  • Internal roads provide access to nearly all areas of the farm

Property Address

0000 Road 31, Havana, KS